Chair of administrative and informational law

Address: Sumy, H.Kondrat`yeva str., 160, main building, lecture-room 123.


General information

In 2007 Law department initiated intensification of innovative character of education. To do that, it was proposed to establish the chair of administrative and informational law inside the department’s structure. This idea was supported by the Academic Council of Sumy national agrarian university.

The chair included teachers that had worked at the chair of law support of agroindustrial complex. Aristova Iryna Vasylivna doctor of legal sciences, professor, became the head of the chair.

The chair includes:

1. Aristova Iryna Vasylivna – doctor of legal sciences, professor, the head of the chair;

2. Chernadchuk Tamara Olexandrivna – candidate of legal sciences, associate professor in the chair;

3. Rohovenko Oleh Volodymyrovych – candidate of judicial sciences, docent

4. Kravchenko Ivan Olexandrovych – candidate of legal sciences, senior lecturer in the chair;

5. Tkachenko Vita Vitaliyivna – candidate of legal sciences;

6. Sokorenko Nataliya Volodymyrivna – senior laboratory assistant

Subjects taught in the chair:

Administrative law. Banking law. Exchange law. Informational law. International law. Customs law. Fundamentals of constitutional law. Fundamentals of law. Jurisprudence. Legal fundamentals of investment activity. Rights and freedoms of citizens in the modern world. Comparative jurisprudence. Fiscal law. Specialized courses: comparative banking law; administrative and legal mechanism of controlling the law enforcement activity in Ukraine; general analytical foundations of Pension fund activity; legal fundamentals of Ukraine’s and EU’s relations. Financial law. Legal deontology.

Scientific contribution of the chair

Research work of the chair of administrative and informational law

Research work of the chair is conducted in measures of scientific school «Право, управління та інформаційне суспільство в Україні» (since 2002).

Chair of administrative and informational law

Purpose of scientific school formation:

1. formation of legal and legislative background for informational society development in Ukraine;

  • development of informational law as a complex branch of national system of law in Ukraine;
  • promotion of informational law science formation;
  • relations upgrading of national law branches (informational, administrative, financial, agrarian and others);
  • adaptation of national legislation to national legislation (informational, administrative, financial, agrarian and others) to international legal standards.

2. Training of qualified scientific staff.

Chair of administrative and informational law

The superviser of the scientific school:

– Aristova Iryna Vasylivna.

Principal directions of scientific work of the school

1. Theory of informational law in Ukraine: theory of informational legal relations; mechanism of legal regulation of informational relations.

2. Informational legislation of Ukraine: systematization of informational legislation in Ukraine; adaptation of informational legislation in Ukraine.

3. Theory of informational society and knowledge society in Ukraine: national informational policy (organisational and legal principles); numerical and cognitive inequality (organisational and legal principles); law support in implementation of information-communicative technology in various spheres of life (law-enforcement, agrarian, agricultural and others);

4. Public activity in Ukraine: theoretical, legal and methodological questions: administrative-legal and informational-legal support of public services (administrative and informational) offered in different spheres of social life.

5. National informational law (legislation) and its connection with international informational law (legislation): adaptation of informational legislation of Ukraine to international legal standards; comparative analysis of social knowledge development in Ukraine and EU countries; international cooperation of Ukraine with UNESCO in the sphere of law support of informational society development in Ukraine.

Theses, defended within the school

Title of work


Year of defending

1. Kurko M.N.

Діяльність Міністерства внутрішніх справ України щодо європейської інтеграції: організаційно-правові засади

Aristova І.V.


2. Syrovoy О.V.

Організаційно-правові зсади управління інформаційними ресурсами органів внутрішніх справ України

Aristova І.V.


3. BilozerskaТ.О.

Адміністративно-правові засади співробітництва України та Європейського Союзу у сучасних умовах

Aristova І.V.


4. Pozhydaev G.P.

Адміністративно-правові засади протидії організованій транснаціональній злочинності

Aristova І.V.


5. Jarmak О.M.

Адміністративно-правові засади взаємодії органів державної влади України у правоохоронній сфері

Aristova І.V.


6. Sulatsky D.V.

Організаційно-правові засади
забезпечення інформаційної безпеки людини
як споживача телекомунікаційних послуг

Aristova І.V.


7. Svystovych R.S.

Правове регулювання інформаційних відносин у сфері масової інформації

Aristova І.V.


8. Kregul І.U.

Співробітництво України з міжнародною організацією ЮНЕСКО у сфері правового забезпечення розвитку інформаційного суспільства в Україні

Aristova І.V.


9. Chernadchuk Т.О.

Правове регулювання інформаційних відносин в сфері банківської діяльності

Aristova І.V.


10. Kalugin О.U.

Організаційно-правові засади впровадження інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій в аграрний сектор в умовах розвитку інформаційного суспільства в Україні

Aristova І.V.


Improvement of Ukraine’s legislation

1. Proposals of correction and amendments to the laws of Ukraine «Про інформацію», «Про доступ до публічної інформації», «Про адміністративні послуги», «Кодекс України про адміністративні правопорушення» were developed.

2. Recommendations to Draft code of Ukraine about information were elaborated.

3. Запропоновано the list of measures to annual plan of legislative adaptation of Ukraine to the legislation of EU was proposed.

Cooperation with Scientific-research institute of information technologies and law of National Academy of legal sciences of Ukraine in formation of the Codex of Ukraine of information; development of the science of informational law of Ukraine.