The Chair of Justice

Address: Sumy, Kondratyev street, 160, administrative building, classroom 119

Tel. 78-76-42


The Head of the Department: Doctor of Law , Professor Yasynok Mykola Myhailovych

General information

The Chair of Justice was created as a part of the Faculty of Law in accordance with the order of the rector of Sumy National Agrarian University №130 – ВД 27 August 2007 and the decision of the Academic Council of the University №11 of 25 July 2007.The purpose of the Chair of Justice is the legal support of students of the construction, economic and other faculties with deep and qualitative, modern and practically oriented knowledge in the disciplines of economics, civil procedure and criminal procedure. Scientific direction of the department is ” Procedural support of land rights of individuals and other subjects of land relations in the context of land and territorial-administrative reform “, which is a part of the scientific projects being developed by the Law Faculty . The key research areas of the Chair of Justice are based on subordination of the university, the relevance of the issues to be developed. Therefore, the attention of the Chair was to study the procedural issues of contract and claim-related work in the field of agriculture, civil and commercial litigation, protection of rights and legitimate interests of agricultural producers in the Commercial Court and the courts of law , the role of public prosecution in the legality of the subjects of entrepreneurial activity .

Chair staff

Chair staff is known to the public as the national legal experts who are actively engaged in research , participate in the discussion of the most significant legal issues of the press law, constantly improve the methodological foundations for the teaching of legal disciplines and have extensive practical experience , including in organs of court, prosecutor’s office, the Internal Affairs of Ukraine

  1.  Kurylo Mykola Petrovych – Candidate of Law Sciences, Professor
  2. Yasynok Mykola Myhailovych – The Head of the Department, Doctor of Law , Professor;
  3.  Moiseenko Olga Semenivna – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  4.  Korobka Olexandr Stepanovych – senior lecturer;
  5. Kotvyakovskiy Yuriy Oleksandrovych – senior lecturer
  6.  Hrin Vitalina Serhiyivna – laboratory assistant

The quality of staff indicates professional experience of teachers. Thus, the leader of the student’s surveys about the best teachers is the first rector of the Faculty of Sumy National Agrarian University , Ukraine prosecutor honored the Excellence in Education of Ukraine , Candidate of Law Science, Professor,a student of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine , M.P. Kurylo, who teaches the subject ” Fundamentals of criminology ” and ‘’Prosecutor activity “.

The chair is actively developing civil school under the guidance of Doctor of Law, Professor M.M. Yasynok , whose years of experience as a judge of the modern law practice are the base for scientific research and legal experiment for both teachers and law students. The particular note is the fact that students are not only the law faculty of SNAU but all Ukraine enrolled in modern textbooks approved by the MES of Ukraine – ” Civil procedure ” edited by the Doctor of Law M.M. Yasynok.

Research and teaching staff of the chair provides teaching the following subjects at the Faculty : criminology , criminal law, criminal procedure, civil and commercial litigation, administrative law, commercial law, business law, legal service organization at the enterprise , government executive, prosecution activities , judicial and law enforcement authorities, notaries of Ukraine , forensic medicine and psychiatry , as well as teaching ” law” in other departments for non-legal professions.

Scientific research

The Chair of Justice

The staff conducts active research work, prepares for their thesis researchs and defends their research positions, contributes to the formation of scientific schools, multiplies the scientific achievements of the Faculty of Law.

Areas of research

  • Procedural support of land rights of individuals and other subjects of land relations in the context of land and administrative – territorial reform.
  • Preparation of the draft Law ” Higher agricultural education of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine .”

The Chair of Justice is actively engaged in research work of students, considering it is one of its most important tasks. The Chair of Justice organizes annual scientific conferences, meetings of the “round table “, seminars “master class ” on a variety of topics of legal guidance together with the students of the Faculty of Law.

Creative achievements of the faculty of the department have a number of educational and teaching aids that provide studying of the disciplines .

Material and technical base

The chair owns 119 and 106 classrooms.The classroom 119 – the office of the chair, 106 – a classroom for 80 students.The Chair of Justice is equipped with two modern computers, furniture, teaching literature and necessary office equipment.